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Graduate Students | Physical Activity & Health Promotion Laboratory

Lab Trainees

Undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral trainees in the Physical Activity and Health Promotion Laboratory research a range of topics within psychosocial oncology. All members strive to promote physical activity as a means to increase physical, mental, and social health in cancer survivors across the lifespan.

Current trainees (featured below) are exploring psychological mechanisms, body-image, self-concepts, mental health, and cognitive function.

Interested prospective students should contact Dr. Brunet directly.

Jenson Price, University of Ottawa

Jenson Price, BA, MA, PhD(c)

PhD Candidate, Health & Exercise Psychology

Awarded: Health System Impact Fellowship (CIHR)CGS-D (SSHRC)OGS, QEII-GSST

Jenson is a 5th-year PhD Candidate in the Physical Activity & Health Promotion Laboratory. Her research focuses on the design and evaluation of supportive care services/resources to promote overall wellbeing and quality of life among special populations. Her dissertation uses a participatory-based knowledge translation approach to (1) explore the role of yoga in cultivating positive experiences with self and others among gynecologic cancer survivors, and (2) co-create knowledge through collaboration with gynecologic cancer survivors and yoga instructors to determine feasibility, acceptability, and benefits of a yoga program. In her spare time, Jenson is a certified yoga instructor and C-License Head Coach for the Ottawa-Gloucester Hornets Soccer Club.

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Sitara Sharma, University of Ottawa

Sitara Sharma, BSc, MA, PhD(c)

PhD Candidate, Health & Exercise Psychology


Sitara is a 2nd-year PhD Candidate in the Physical Activity & Health Promotion Laboratory. Her research centers around improving brain health and quality of life in clinical populations. Building on her master's work, Sitara's dissertation is focused on creating physical activity-based self-management supports for young adults with cancer-related cognitive impairment. To do so, she plans to leverage knowledge translation approaches and work alongside healthcare practitioners and patients. Beyond her studies, Sitara enjoys running, spinning, painting, photography, and exploring new cafés.

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Julia Hussein, BSc, PhD

Clinical Research Associate

Julia is the Clinical Research Associate in the Physical Activity & Health Promotion Laboratory. Julia is a recent PhD graduate from the University of Ottawa's Human Kinetics program. Her research focused on the translation of motor learning research into Canadian Physiotherapy through the design, delivery and assessment of an educational workshop. Alongside her thesis, she was greatly involved in the delivery and assessment of a yoga therapy intervention to cancer survivors in collaboration with the Physical Activity and Health Promotion Laboratory, the Ottawa Hospital and the Center for Health Innovation. Through her experiences, she has gained a depth of understanding of the benefits and application of both qualitative and quantitative research methods in pursuit of holistic comprehension, and aims to apply this knowledge to advance the quality of health care available to cancer survivors. 

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